Top Birthday Break-My-Cake Recommendations!

Finding the perfect birthday party treats can be over-whelming! Edible Piñatas are unique and add interactive element that is sure to be loved and create a memorable experience for all customers, regardless of age! Below are our top picks for birthday gifts and cakes! 

Star Gamer

Our popular star-gamer smash cake is a hit for all the gaming lovers in your life! Make their cake dreams come true, and satisfy their sweet tooth with all of the fresh chocolate and candy that will spill out when they break their cake with our hammer! Perfect for birthday parties up to 7 kids. 

Edible Piñata Happy Birthday Classic

Our Classic Happy Birthday Smash Cake is the best way to simply wish someone a happy birthday! This awesome classic chocolate piñata is suitable for all ages and can be customized for colours, and what we write or decorate on the inside! This smash piñata looks super cool in "marble" as well!

Breakable Geometric Heart Smash Cake

The geometric smash cake trend is definitely one of our top-selling products, and is perfect for any occasions, especially birthdays. This smash cake has been trending on the internet on popular social medias such as TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest! Customize your message and filling on this awesome smash cake. 

Lego Smash Cake


The Lego Smash is a great option for the Lego Lovers and Creative Kids in your life! Show them you care and give them this awesome smash cake, this dome shape fits so much candy it is sure to make any birthday party a smash.