Donut Smash Cake
Donut Smash Cake
Donut Smash Cake

Donut Smash Cake

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1 Mallet Included

Giant-Size Donut Smash Cakes

Our team at Break My Cake happily announces the availability of donut smash cakes for events and celebrations. Add this hollow hard chocolate smash cake to your party filled with the assortment of your choice, whether it is for a gender reveal or a birthday.


What more could someone want from a chocolate based confectionary?

We provide an edible mallet with every cake so you can break it open for the rewards inside. Customize each cake according to pink, blue, and milk chocolate variations and pick the candy or chocolate for filling. Add-ons contain hidden messages or hot cocoa bombs.

Storage Information

Store the donut smash cake in a cool, dry place with 4-210C temperature. You can keep it at room temperature, but we recommend to place in the fridge 10-15 minutes before smashing to have a clean break.

Visit our website now and order the donut smash cake or Birthday cake smash of your choice. We can easily customize and deliver it on your designated date and location.