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Holiday Smash Cakes!

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Filled with a popular assortment of nut-free chocolate & candy!


Holiday Smash Cakes by Break My Cake

The team at Break My Cake brings you another occasion-based addition of holiday smash cakes. Like birthdays, we have set these hard chocolate, breakable cakes according to holidays. Whether you want one for a family gathering on Thanksgiving or Christmas, we have the best-customized designs for you.

We bring a quality assortment for you according to each occasion so you can have a fun-filled event with the end-of-night reward. We have pinatas smash cakes for general celebrations, Christmas-themed cakes, and others. If you want them customized, we can do that too.

Place your order now in advance by visiting our website and selecting the cake theme of your choice with the filling. If you want something else placed inside the cakes, drop it off at our franchise, and we will deliver you the cake accordingly.

Break My Cake is the name of quality in the industry and hopes to bring joy to your event with the breakable yet highly edible assortment of hard holiday smash cakes. If you seek Lego cake now consult with us, feel free to contact us and book your order.