Unicorn Smash Cake

Unicorn Smash Cake

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Unicorn Piñata Cake.
Perfect Smash Cake for the Unicorn lover in your life.
Delivery & Pickup available.
Pick up time-window 2pm - 4pm.
Comes with 1 mallet.
Color shades may vary. 

Unicorn Smash Cakes by Break My Cake

Unicorns are one of the most beloved fairytale creatures among children, both boys, and girls. There is something very intriguing in the delicacy and beauty of this mystic horse with a horn on its head.

Break My Cake announces the arrival of unicorn smash cakes for our little customers. Let your child order the cake, and we will put their imagination into motion.

You have various shapes and colors available for unicorn smash cake, or you can customize the order according to your preference. Besides children, you can also gift them to your fiancée or spouse with a shiny present inside that they will break with the mallet delivered with the cake.

Bake My Cake is the pioneer of smash cakes in Toronto, if you seek donut smash cake now consult with us and our idea has been in trend for more than two years. We have delivered quality and joy to our customers, and we will give you the same commitment.

Visit our website now and order a unicorn smash cake of your preference.